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CELLO (Product)

  • Celebrity Locket
  • 첼로
  • Other Potential Names
    • CrushCrash — Frame Your Crush


프로덕트는 그보다... 원초적이고 단일적이고 수평확장 가능한 하나의 목표를 바라볼 때 탄생한다.

세상 모든 홈마들의 Raw 파일을 한 곳에 모으겠다.

그것의 Consumer-side Product가 CELLO


  • FIRE Engine
  • Photo Widget App that shuffles your bias on iPhone's home screen.

How would it be Fiercely Overpriced?

  • Free
    • for one bias
    • shuffled per hour
    • differently sized widgets
  • Paid
    • for two or more biases
    • to shuffle widget on tap (already seen possible with Soor)
    • to change shuffle frequency
  • Possible expansions
    • Web app for uploading high-res images
    • Mobile app for celebrities to upload photos directly

Tentative Tech Stacks

Things to consider

  • Avoid local confinement, as seen in most K-Pop App.
  • Let's go agile, mainly with emails
  • Show some level of kindness:
    • Invite codes? Invite networks?
    • Student discounts
    • Free invite if student
    • One year free if invited two downloads
    • Eerily, people go crazy when there is an invite system...
    • 홈마 회원가입 시점에 업로드 = 저작권 사용 동의