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Karrot NX Team Mission Statement

Task given

당근에 Notifications Experience 팀이라고 있는데요. 그런데 이 팀이 Role & Responsibility가 확장되어요.당근 내 여러 서비스들이 만들어내는 컨텐츠를 유저가 Discovery 할 수 있게 돕는 일도 할거거든요. 피드 & 추천 ML & 검색 & NX 가 묶이는 하나의 조직 아래로 들어가는거예요. 그래서 미션과 비전을 수정하려는데요. "앱이 꺼져있어도 늘 동네와 연결될 수 있도록" 같은 느낌으로 작문.


  • Bring neighbors closer in sight,
    With notifications so precise
  • Not just while using the app,
    But even when we take a nap,
    Karrot keeps us without a gap
  • Let our notifications bring you joy and cheer,
    Strengthening the bonds of all neighbors here

Feedback: Focus more on user discovery and retention, building townhood, and empowering local businesses.

  • Discovering user-loved content with glee,
    Karrot makes our village come alive, see?
  • With search and notifications in tow,
    Building adorable townhoods, don't you know
  • With notifications leading the way
    Connecting businesses on a brighter day

Mission Statement

  • Karrot NX team strives to find content users love, chime delightful notifications, and shine on local businesses.
  • From Karrot:
    • Mission: 알림을 통해 동네와 유저를 24시간 연결해요.
    • Vision: Notifications you want to receive through the Right person, Right time, Right message.

- My suggestions:
- Notification you never want to snooze
- Notification you wait for

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