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To Kill a Night Owl


Can we kill our innate night owls and become an early-bird? Even more so, is it worth it?

Remote work created a cult of driven workers who wake up at 8:59 a.m.

  • We think of being a night owl as just a preference, but it's biological, partly coded in our genetics," Barnes says. "You can work against it, but you're fighting uphill, and Mother Nature tends to win that
  • It's insane to say people who wake up earlier are morally or physically better; it doesn't matter what time you get things done
  • I don't think managers care that much about what time exactly you log on; they care about you getting your work done
  • There's not one working window that's best for everyone, Barnes says, "but we have to be willing to move beyond certain stereotypes of what a good employee looks like and look more at the science

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