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Work Research

Replaced Terser with ESBuild. Improved build speed by 81%! Knowing that Terser does slightly more optimization under the hood, we can imagine a build flow where we use ESBuild for developer build and Terser for Production builds.


Also, I succeeded on fooling getBoundingClientRect() on top of WorkerDOM. This happens synchronously using Atomics (JavaScript) and SharedArrayBuffer. For my internship's next and final step, I will containerize React Flip Toolkit on top of WorkerDOM using the same technique.


Personal Research

S/MIME Certificates

Integrated Actalis S/MIME certificate with iCloud Custom Email Domain. Now shows a verified checkmark.




Life drives you to places you never expected... I never expected to get an internship at Karrot four months ago. Brane is a vast project that a single intern can't finish. However, I have some regrets about engineering and time management. I did reach a milestone in implementing synchronicity inside WorkerDOM, but now I finally realize various advanced use cases exist in such a framework. One straightforward use case iiframe — improved iframe — that specializes in containerizing iframes in Web Workers.

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