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Speeding up the JavaScript ecosystem - one library at a time

  • At this point I stopped looking, but I'd assume that you'll find more of these minor performance issues in popular libraries. Today we mainly looked at some build tools, but UI components or other libraries usually have the same low hanging performance issues
  • Will this be enough to match Go's or Rust's performance? Unlikely, but the thing is that the current JavaScript tools could be faster than they are today. And the things we looked at in this post are more or less just the tip of the iceberg

Scaling up a Mastodon server to 128K active users

  • What pgBouncer does is proxy connections to Postgres through a transaction pool, allowing you to support a vast number of client-side (in this case, client meaning Mastodon) connections with only a few actual database connections
  • When you reach the point where it makes sense to move Postgres to its physical machine, I recommend maintaining pgBouncer on each device that wants to connect to it rather than putting pgBouncer on the same device as Postgres

[2211.05824] No Privacy in the Electronics Repair Industry

  • First, through a field study with 18 service providers, we uncover that most service providers do not have any privacy policy or controls to safeguard device owners' personal data from snooping by technicians

Mastodon Isn't Just A Replacement For Twitter

  • Subsidiarity is about achieving the right balance between local units and the larger systems
  • The Fediverse is designed for subsidiarity. People cannot simply join Mastodon. Instead, users join a particular server that runs Mastodon software, and that server can be moderated and operated in a wide variety of ways
  • Rather than Twitter's one-size-fits-all public square, Mastodon is designed for smaller communities that interact with each other. One server might host hundreds of accounts or thousands, while another server might be for only a single user
  • The fediverse allows users on each server to create their own codes of conduct and other rules., for instance, is a Mastodon server with a robust code of conduct meant to foster a healthy space for people most likely to experience marginalization elsewhere

Ruby adds a new core class called Data to represent simple immutable value objects

  • Ruby 3.1 adds a new core class called Data to represent simple immutable value objects. The Data class helps define simple classes for value-alike objects that can be extended with custom methods.


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