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Hacker News

Reactive Strategy

  • Companies building foundational models have partnered with cloud providers: OpenAI (Microsoft) and Anthropic (Google). These companies spend vast amounts on computing to train the models, but their biggest customer will also be their biggest vendor. Weird incentives abound
  • Is chat even a promising paradigm for search?

Nintendo Will Pay Its Workers 10% More - GameSpot

  • Nintendo plans to raise its employees' base pay by 10% this year in the wake of inflation. Reuters reported that Nintendo plans to raise salaries even as it reduced its profit expectation for the year. Nintendo previously cut its operating profit forecast from a projected 582 billion yen to 480 billion yen ($3.6 billion
  • Nintendo also amended its projected software and hardware sales. It projects that the Switch will sell 18 million units this year, as opposed to the prior forecast of 19 million. Similarly, it dropped the software sales forecast from 210 million units to 205 million. Nintendo re-affirmed that it does not currently have a plan to raise prices for its consoles or games

  • Search across a half million git repos

How We Reduced Our iOS App Launch Time by 60%

  • String(describing:) to ObjectIdentifier
  • Stop converting unnecessary objects to AnyHashable.
  • Auditing 3rd party framework initializers
  • Accurately identifying performance bottlenecks and opportunities is often the most challenging part of any optimization. Notoriously, a common mistake is to measure A, optimize B, and conclude C
  • That is where good performance tools help highlight bottlenecks and surface them. Xcode instruments, a part of Xcode, come with several templates to help pinpoint various potential issues in a macOS/iOS application

Tech's Elite Hates Labor - Ed Zitron's Where's Your Ed At

  • Yes, the tech industry's loudest guys have all been demanding a great reset, where efficiency reigns, where the entitled are not invested in or are fired, or are put in their place because the overwhelming sense from these craven ghouls is that they believe that workers got given way too much and were treated too well
  • The whole Quiet Quitting fiasco upset them - the idea that workers would take the same liberties with what a work day was (doing what they were required to do versus working beyond their contractually-mandated hours) that executives do was truly offensive - and the idea that workers could choose where to take their talents was equally noxious
  • The next year will be one where the business elite (and the media in tow) attempts to reframe a rough economy as a time that puts workers in their place. Boss erotica author and reporter for the Wall Street Journal Chip Cutter's The Bosses Are Back In Charge is one of the more vulgar attempts I've seen to try and crush remote work, quoting a real estate CEO - a guy who profits from offices - as saying that the whole concept of working from anywhere went too far. The goal with these stories is to pump out marketing material for professionally abusive executives, with a partner at PWC saying that There is a segment of CEOs who are like, 'All right, I got the power back, a statement that he claims he doesn't share despite saying the words in the Wall Street Journal
  • The truth is that these bosses remain terrified because even though there are market forces that are making workers a bit more desperate, they still have no justification for returning to the office

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