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See the First Complete Map of an Insect's Brain


  • The new diagram is "a reference map" that could help researchers better understand how the brains of animals work, Marta Zlatic, a neuroscientist at the University of Cambridge in England and a co-author of the study, tells Science News' McKenzie Prillaman

ChatGPT's API is So Good and Cheap, It Makes Most Text Generating AI Obsolete

  • Unlike fluffy thought pieces on how CHATGPT WILL CHANGE EVERYTHING
  • Playing with this system rule can stop ChatGPT from complaining it's "an AI language model and can't answer requests," such as scolding it like the petulant child it is.
  • But in making the ChatGPT API so cheap, they made their $20/month subscription to ChatGPT+ redundant. The main perk of ChatGPT+ was faster and more consistent access to the ChatGPT web UI, but unless you are somehow generating more than 10,000,000 tokens in a month through manual use, it's massively cheaper to use the API, and as a bonus, you can modify the system prompt to get a better signal-to-noise

Samsung "space zoom" moon shots are fake, and here is the proof: Android

  1. I downloaded this high-res image of the moon from the internet -
  2. I downsized it to 170x170 pixels and applied a gaussian blur so that all the detail is GONE. This means it's not recoverable; the information is just not there; it's digitally blurred: And a 4x upscaled version so that you can better appreciate the blur:
  3. I full-screened the image on my monitor (showing it at 170x170 pixels, blurred), moved to the other end of the room, and turned off all the lights. Zoomed into the monitor, and voila -
  4. This is the image I got -

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