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Letter to Mr. Alexander Obenauer on 2022-10-12

Dear Mr. Obenauer,

I am Sunghyun Cho. I am a current CS university student at USC. I want to become a computer scientist in the future, just like you!

I just wanted to say that your website is 🔥. I love how you created "Zettlekasten" Lab Notes! I am also profoundly interested in Computing and how information gets represented on the web. My notes are on Please take a look!

I'll take a deeper look into your website after my midterm tomorrow 😭.

Hope we can keep in touch!

Best regards, Sunghyun

Update on 2022-10-12

Got a positive response.

Reply on 2022-10-12

Dear Mr. Obenauer,

I do not currently have a newsletter. I was looking for a developer-friendly mailing platform (Substack knocks off here). I tried using Mailgun before and didn't like it, but I don't want to bother dealing with AWS SES. I've heard good things about Revue, although I haven't tried it. Is there any good platform you would recommend?

Best Regards,
Sunghyun Cho

Reply on 2022-10-17