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Andy Matuschak

Provided a new vision of online Zettelkasten. Introduced novel concepts, such as Sliding Panes, links to this note, and Atomic Notes.

On February 2021, Olaf Wolkenhauer (@olafwolkenhauer) wrote:

Sönke Ahrens published 2017 the book How to take intelligent notes, which picked up on the Zettelkasten idea and discussed its value in boosting writing, learning, and thinking. In a 2020 YouTube video how to take smart notes, he describes the history and ideas behind the Zettelkasten technique. Andy Matuschak advanced ideas in Ahrens' book by introducing the concept of "Evergreen notes". Instead of just having a blog post on the topic, Matuschak presented his concept with a webpage that implements and supports the Zettelkasten technique, using a web-based environment: