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New York City

Fewer than 40% of New Yorkers earn a living wage

  • Across the state, 39.1% earn at least a living wage, with white employees (46%) faring significantly better than Black (29.7%) and Hispanic (26%) employees. Among younger workers, 28.4% of those categorized as millennials and Generation Z (born in or after 1981 and 1997, respectively) earn a living wage
  • Accommodation and food services, part of the state's vital tourism sector, is the industry least likely to pay a living wage, with more than 52% of workers earning less
  • The top 20 jobs for earning a living wage range from podiatrists (81.3%) to plant operators (68.7%). The bottom 20 include cashiers (13.5%), dishwashers (8.3%), and textile machine operators (3.9%).
  • Manhattan boasts the state's highest percentage of residents – more than 80% – earning a living wage. But a closer look at New York City presents a picture of economic inequality, with median effective hourly wages ranging from more than 50insomeManhattanneighborhoodsto50 in some Manhattan neighborhoods to 20 or less in some nearby communities