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An alternative to Texts (Service). A better approach with iMessage, given that it logs into a server computer. But more than that...

Uses Matrix Network

Matrix is the holy grail of chat. It's end-to-end encrypted by default, federated and open source. The only problem is that none of my friends or family was on it! Luckily the Matrix folks had already envisioned a solution to this problem - they built an API enabling 'bridges' between Matrix and other chat networks. This struck a chord with me; we could finally make a single app I could use to chat with all my friends, regardless of which chat app they used. Through the Matrix community, I met Tulir, the most prolific bridge developer, and we started working on what would become Beeper. I've used it as my primary chat client for almost two years. I could not imagine returning to the hot mess of 12 different chat apps I had before!