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Person 392196

  • Interviewed on 2022-09-08
  • Will work at Google soon
  • Microsoft
    • has a long history, B2B
    • has an extremely good work-life balance
    • has very specified roles and positions
    • uses a lot of internal technologies
  • Palantir
    • employees were very proud of their work and progress
    • the company was young at the time (avg. 24 years old)
    • very good employee welfare
  • Google
    • felt like a giant machine-learning research facility
    • it took a lot of effort to write good software, even if it slowed down the dev
    • developers had a lot of voice and representation
    • Google had a pretty good work-life balance.
  • Amazon
    • Businesspeople had a lot of voices
    • Developers focused on speed; make-it-first-then-fix-it
    • Developer culture was very loose
    • People sometimes didn't help out much
    • Everyone had to do on-call work
    • lots of top-down blaming
💙I love my job because...

I like Google because of its great developer culture. It also has a moderately tense environment, making me future-proof and competitive.

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