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Letter to Mr. Stephan Ango on 2022-10-19

Dear Engineer Ango,

I am Sunghyun Cho, a computer science student based in Los Angeles. I recently came across your article on Photoshop for Text and was deeply inspired by it. I am also heavily interested in Tools for Thought and Digital Brains and would like to keep in touch. I also have a Memex or, in my term, Extracranial at

You also have your page there!

If you are wondering, yes, I use Obsidian for my Memex, but I have built a custom React application for presenting on the web instead of Obsidian Publish. You are located here :)

I hope we can keep in touch!

Best Regards,
Sunghyun Cho

Update on 2022-10-20

  • Got a positive response, asking out if it is open-sourced.

Reply on 2022-10-20

Dear Engineer Ango,

Thank you for your feedback!

My website is already open-source here:

I have some personal Python scripts that convert Obsidian MD files to Docusaurus MD files since they have slightly different specs. Namely, Docusaurus does not support wikilinks and image-wikilinks. It also lacks any backlinking support and graph visualization. I've been contributing to Docusaurus & talking with Docusaurus core devs, and these features will not come soon because it involves a pretty significant revamp or underlying link management system.

Also, I wanted to ask, is your website also open-source? I wasn't able to find any relevant repositories.

Best Regards,
Sunghyun Cho