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Digital Addiction

Problem. I love software, but I am sometimes too addicted to tech!


I aspire to the new horizon of knowledge that Computer Science brings. However, I also despise the malicious use of that technology that preys upon human consciousness and infects human health. I also find myself addicted to digital media, knowing the very fact. I had difficulty consciously separating I like software and I like software by all means. Think this way: The fascinating science behind nuclear physics and the wrath of atomic weapons are separate. Similarly, information technology and the decaying consciousness of digital addictions are irrelevant.

As a Software Enthusiast, I had difficulty overcoming this because it was physically impossible to separate myself from the internet. For example, if I were a poet, I could've cut off the wire and continued my work and life.

I tried this in 2019. Using a 10-year-old iPhone 3GS running iOS6 as my primary phone, I untethered myself from the internet. I only used limited capabilities like phone calls, messages, music, and reminders.


However, I cannot do this anymore. As a software engineer and computer scientist, I always require internet access for my work and projects. The lure and attraction are always within reach. The question became:

Would there be a way to get the most out of the groundbreaking knowledge repository of the internet without getting overwhelmed by fast-paced, attention-grabbing media, shortening my interest span, or succumbing to the radicalized uncivil data?