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Bad Interview Experience with Replo

Replo is a company that specializes in no-code Shopify experiences.


They once shot me an email...


And then even followed up.


I was like,

Okay, it would be nice to get to know people. Who knows if this will lead to an opportunity in life?

But then this happened.


This shows the unprofessionalism of the company. I feel significantly less valued and ignored. Especially, words can make a huge difference — "a bit more experienced"? That's just poor communication as a core company member. Also, "realized"?

Some might ask —

Hey, isn't it good that both saved time since they already know it's not a match?

No. If you're cold-emailing people, at least do some research beforehand on who you want to cold-email. Don't reach out in the first place if you take my time seriously. Don't be like a 9-year-old boy who throws shit all around and sees how things go.

Hey, but it's their right as a company to filter appropriate candidates and select the best.

Yes, but they could have at least shown the decency of giving a call or just showing up at the meeting and talking to me.

What do you think they should've done?

They should've told me we might be looking for someone else, but not canceling the call, but telling me they would like to get to know me if that works. This way, whoever is seriously looking for jobs will say they're good with the call, and others will not be left out.

Even if I become a genuinely 10x dev, I will never work for Replo. This terrible communication experience, I'm just fed up.

Listen, founders —

  • Do not reschedule meetings with applicants.
  • Do not renege with what you tell your applicants.
  • Don't bullshit with your applicants. Have some respect and decency.


They sent me another email that they are "following up" to schedule an interview. I have let them know that I have already tried to schedule a meeting, and you canceled, and following up as if I did not respond is inappropriate and unprofessional. They understood it.

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