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The Past (how we got here)

Computers are not magic in themselves. It's the software that runs on them, the interaction between bits and atoms, that makes them magical.

The early pioneers of modern computing described computers as "dream machines"

We look back at these magical moments with nostalgia. What happened to them?

The Present (the status quo)

  • Noise and Distraction
  • Lack of creativity
  • Tools and principles with which we build the future are stuck in the past.

Error 404: Utopian future not found. The magic of software was lost along the way.

The Future (the quest we are on)

If technology is an expression of humanity's dreams, then the future of technology is only bound by the limits of our dreams. We need to bring back the magic of software because it is the only way to push the boundaries of our dreams. Because it is the only way to give our dream machines back their real meaning.

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