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Letter to Mr. Matt Rickard on 2022-12-21

Letter to Mr. Matt Rickard on 2022-12-21


This is an reply to Architecture of Mastodon

Dear Mr. Rickard,

Another example of this is Ghost... another Rails monolith.

AFAIK Ghost is Node.js, not Rails!

But you have a great point; you once mentioned that most tech services could be abstracted to an edge-served Front-end and back-end as edge-replicated simple data storage. I was also a long-time Ghost user, and I agree that Ghost's tech stack can be vastly simplified as such. Ghost's central-hosted-ness was helpful in some niches (ex: I can keep writing where I left off on my other devices), but Ghost, or "Writing Services," can be much better.

It would be much better to see a first-class serverless email API (as in doing slightly more than Nodemailer or EmailEngine, i.e., SMIME or, more recently — Brand Indicators for Message Identification BIMI) Just like what Vercel did to Heroku.

Best Regards,

Sunghyun Cho

Reply on 2022-12-21

Maybe the tech will steer us towards a backward compatible path at some point (i.e., automatically split a monolith for popular frameworks)