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Better Obsidian

Extension Ideas for Obsidian

  • Exclude URLs in Unlinked Mentions
  • Encapsulate File to Folder Topic.mdTopic/
  • Review Page for Daily Notes
  • Auto Delete Empty Files
  • Lint Supports
  • MDX Supports
  • Prettier for Code Blocks
  • Anonymized Images
    • Not Pasted Image YYYY
    • Not Original Name Whatsoever
  • Auto Plural-Singular Linker


  • Functional Templating (Done on 2022-10-17)
    • Run functions like getRandomhex() when creating new posts or pasting attachments


  • Aliases Link Consistency with Standard links
    • Personal Knowledge Management and PKM should act the same.
    • Not in some format like PKM|Personal Knowledge Management.
    • At least convert one to another.
  • Developing Review Notes for Obsidian