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Person A480C6

  • Interviewed on 2022-09-08
  • Currently works at Apple, Apple Silicon Team
  • Studied Electrical Engineering in school
    • Took a lot of science classes
    • MS in Chips
  • Works as an SoC Engineer
    • Joined the M1 team just before the announcement
    • Worked on the A16 chip this year (2022)
  • Apple Silicon Team isn't necessarily a hardware team
    • Ex: Chip Design Inspection Software
  • DRI. Direct Response Individual.
    • People can take responsibility, regardless of their level and position.
  • One downside: Apple is a very secretive company.
    • Every permission is on a need-to-know basis.
    • Siloed Culture.
    • However, communications are very active across the team.
  • If I leave Apple
    • I would search for a smaller team for more flexibility.
  • It would've been better to have more constructive undergrad vacations.
  • Engineers are like knives; you should keep working to keep yourself sharp.
💙I love my job because...

Working at the biggest, most hyped company is a huge plus, especially when they have a huge event. Apple also has a sound responsibility system — e.g., DRI.