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Aldehyde Outage (January 23誠鉉)

Multiple issues are combined.

Docusaurus 2.3.0 useSyncExternalStore Bug

Using Tabs will break with React 18 and Docusaurus v2.3 · Issue #8592 · facebook/docusaurus

Vercel and Cloudflare Build Errors

On Cloudflare's side:

16:49:17.136	✔ Server: Compiled successfully in 3.74m
16:50:22.579 Segmentation fault
16:50:22.595 Failed: build command exited with code: 139
16:50:23.859 Failed: an internal error occurred

On Vercel's Side:

[success] [webpackbar] Server: Compiled successfully in 3.49m
Error: Command "yarn run build" exited with 129

Why..? I changed no config



Investigating RAM Options. Supported a ticket to Cloudflare


Did not help.

OH FIGURED IT OUT. It was because of insufficient RAM. When Docusaurus seals the assets (at the end of the build cycle), the RAM usage spikes to ~4.5 GB.


Configuring Cloudflare Pages and Vercel with the following argument fixed the problem!


— Nope. Did not solve the problem.


So I ended up using Cloudflare Wrangler to build on my device and then sending the build result to Cloudflare. Anyways, the issue seems to be resolved.