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Threads (Service)

Thoughts on 2023-07-12

  • People I follow on Twitter are not my high school friends I follow on Instagram.
  • Having instant 100 followers may seem significant on paper, but that also means it would be hard to overturn. Even if I follow more tech people on Threads, I am still less likely to see relevant content because I was subscribed to a massive uninteresting group
  • Plus, many people, especially outside of the core tech bubble, have different persona on Insta and Twitter. Not a wise idea to merge the two.
  • This inertia will eventually lead to an uninteresting platform and be a mediocre platform at best, IMO.
  • The significant contributor would be the Fediverse. If they can interoperate with the AT protocol (Bluesky), ActivityPub protocol (Mastodon), and the Matrix Network (Instant Messaging Standard), Threads will have a chance.
  • But the Fediverse Zuck is trying to advertise seems like a PR show to enter the EU market with minimum regulations. FB will FB anyways, which won't likely happen.