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Project Linguine

Project Linguine is an initiative to define a deterministic list (i.e., the Linguine Recipe) to cover all linguistic Sprachraum. That is,

How many people around the world do not speak any of the languages defined in Linguine?

... should be near zero.

Candidates are...

  • BCP 47
  • Ethnologue 200
  • DeepL
  • Google Translate

Supporting Ethnologue 200 is too much. Also, for BCP 47, it's not only unfair but also excessive to translate for en-US, en-CA, and en-GB separately. So we agree that a linguistic Sprachraum should be simplified, yet considering variants like Taiwanese (zh-TW is different from zh-CN)

Do we still need to support i18n? It's an extra bunch of costs, not going to lie. But technology is in an exceptional stage, where people from all regions are flying to silicon valley for a better life. People seek information worldwide, and considering those, backfilling the data would be relatively easy. It's laying out fisher rods worldwide, with just an extra cost.

After looking into the subscriber lists of, I did notice that there are bogus subscriber lists. For example, I have no authentic Finnish subscribers. However, I want to keep the window open for international free minds to find the service. For example, I got an email from an Italian subscriber:

I found the service thanks to the advertisement in your extension of Bing Chat for All Browsers. This service is very innovative, and I especially love the fact that it is in my language. I will certainly share this news with my friends who are tech enthusiasts. The first time I visited the site, I had the amazing feeling of being catapulted into the kind of future I've always dreamed of but never seen realized. Thank you for providing such a fantastic experience! Make the web truly innovative!

The most important thing is to keep the net service profit, or net neutral at least. At this burn rate, we cannot continue the service.

DeepL vs Google Translate vs Bing Translate Offering Comparison

So, in conclusion:

  1. Use the following list.
af AfrikaansBing
ak Twi (Akan)Google
am AmharicBing
ar ArabicBing
as AssameseBing
ay AymaraGoogle
az AzerbaijaniBing
ba BashkirBing
be BelarusianGoogle
bg BulgarianDeepL
bho BhojpuriGoogle
bm BambaraGoogle
bn BengaliBing
bo TibetanBing
bs BosnianBing
ca CatalanBing
ceb CebuanoGoogle
ckb Kurdish (Sorani)Google
co CorsicanGoogle
cs CzechDeepL
cy WelshBing
da DanishDeepL
de GermanDeepL
doi DogriGoogle
dv DhivehiBing
ee EweGoogle
el GreekDeepL
en EnglishDeepL
eo EsperantoGoogle
es SpanishDeepL
et EstonianDeepL
eu BasqueBing
fa PersianBing
fi FinnishDeepL
fil Filipino (Tagalog)Bing
fj FijianBing
fo FaroeseBing
fr FrenchDeepL
fy FrisianGoogle
ga IrishBing
gd Scots GaelicGoogle
gl GalicianBing
gn GuaraniGoogle
gom KonkaniGoogle
gu GujaratiBing
ha HausaGoogle
haw HawaiianGoogle
he HebrewBing
hi HindiBing
hmn HmongGoogle
hr CroatianBing
hsb Upper SorbianBing
ht Haitian CreoleBing
hu HungarianDeepL
hy ArmenianBing
id IndonesianDeepL
ig IgboGoogle
ikt InuinnaqtunBing
ilo IlocanoGoogle
is IcelandicBing
it ItalianDeepL
iu InuktitutBing
ja JapaneseDeepL
jv JavaneseBing
ka GeorgianGoogle
kk KazakhBing
km KhmerBing
kmr Kurdish (Northern)Bing
kn KannadaBing
ko KoreanDeepL
kri KrioGoogle
ku KurdishBing
ky KyrgyzBing
la LatinGoogle
lb LuxembourgishGoogle
lg LugandaGoogle
ln LingalaGoogle
lo LaoBing
lt LithuanianDeepL
lus MizoGoogle
lv LatvianDeepL
mai MaithiliGoogle
mg MalagasyBing
mi MaoriBing
mk MacedonianBing
ml MalayalamBing
mn MongolianBing
mni Meiteilon (Manipuri)Google
mr MarathiBing
ms MalayBing
mt MalteseBing
mww Hmong DawBing
my Myanmar (Burmese)Bing
ne NepaliBing
nl DutchDeepL
nb Norwegian BokmålDeepL
nso SepediGoogle
ny Nyanja (Chichewa)Google
om OromoGoogle
or Odia (Oriya)Bing
otq Queretaro OtomiBing
pa PunjabiBing
pl PolishDeepL
prs DariBing
ps PashtoBing
pt Portuguese (Portugal, Brazil)DeepL
qu QuechuaGoogle
ro RomanianDeepL
ru RussianDeepL
rw KinyarwandaGoogle
sa SanskritGoogle
sd SindhiGoogle
si Sinhala (Sinhalese)Google
sk SlovakDeepL
sl SlovenianDeepL
sm SamoanBing
sn ShonaGoogle
so SomaliBing
sq AlbanianBing
sr SerbianBing
st SesothoGoogle
su SundaneseGoogle
sv SwedishDeepL
sw SwahiliBing
ta TamilBing
te TeluguBing
tg TajikGoogle
th ThaiBing
ti TigrinyaBing
tk TurkmenBing
tl Tagalog (Filipino)Google
to TonganBing
tr TurkishDeepL
ts TsongaGoogle
tt TatarBing
ty TahitianBing
ug UyghurBing
uk UkrainianDeepL
ur UrduBing
uz UzbekBing
vi VietnameseBing
xh XhosaGoogle
yi YiddishGoogle
yo YorubaGoogle
yua Yucatec MayaBing
yue Cantonese (Traditional)Bing
zh-CN Chinese (Simplified)DeepL
zh-TW Chinese (Traditional)Bing
zu ZuluBing
  1. For Curated Newsletters, you cannot sign up for more than three locales. This is to prevent bogus subscribers.
  2. As such, we will have zero subscribers for Finnish, for example, because we have yet to have an actual customer. We will still translate the top 3 articles for advertisement and the 'magical landing experience.'
  3. There can be a button to request translation. Maybe this can be a pro feature?

While comparing offerings, I found that nb and no are both used in the Norwegian Langauge. Interesting.


Linguine Engine Test Drive Result 2023-07-13