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Strictly Formatted Generative AI

microsoft/guidance: A guidance language for controlling large language models.

gpt4 = guidance.llms.OpenAI("gpt-4")
# vicuna = guidance.llms.transformers.Vicuna("your_path/vicuna_13B", device_map="auto")

experts = guidance('''
You are a helpful and terse assistant.

I want a response to the following question:
Name 3 world-class experts (past or present) who would be great at answering this?
Don't answer the question yet.

{{gen 'expert_names' temperature=0 max_tokens=300}}

Great, now please answer the question as if these experts had collaborated in writing a joint anonymous answer.

{{gen 'answer' temperature=0 max_tokens=500}}
''', llm=gpt4)

experts(query='How can I be more productive?')

It does seem that this repository is poorly maintained.

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