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How Much Money Do Indie Hackers Products Make? (2022-07-24)

  • Most of the products don't make any revenue at all.
  • Success in the world of indie developers is an outlier business
  • Around 5% of the products we analyzed generate a monthly revenue exceeding 8,333(around8,333 (around 100K/year), which is relatively easy to earn as a software engineer in a full-time job.

How BuiltWith generates $14 million a year while having zero employees

  • $14 million annual recurring revenue
  • No idea like this had existed, and the domain BuiltWith was somehow not taken already
  • For instance, certain pieces of code can be used to identify if Adsense is used vs. Adzerk or some other advertising method
  • AboutUs was an internet domain directory containing information about millions of businesses. Gary showed Ray BuiltWith, and Ray immediately loved it. He added a link to every record in their index to provide BuiltWith information regarding each business
  • This added tens of millions of links; for those who aren't SEO experts, backlinks (pages that link to your site) are the key to ranking high. And BuiltWith just exploded with traffic
  • BuiltWith's value comes down to a straightforward concept.
  • Competitive Advantage. Aka, you'll earn more money from this
  • BuiltWith has turned into a colossal database of everything on the internet
  • he realized one thing, BuiltWith didn't need this

Payment Infra for Software as a Service

  • Stripe Payments JavaScript Course
  • Stripe Atlas is a powerful, safe, easy-to-use platform for forming a company. Stripe Atlas helps you launch your startup from anywhere worldwide by removing lengthy paperwork, legal complexity, and numerous fees. - Stripe Atlas
  • Will go with Toss Payments Systems due to tax & governance issues