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Agricultural Technology

Agritech, or agricultural technology, is the use of technology in agriculture to increase yield, efficiency, and profitability. Agritech includes using technology for faster planting, modified crops that grow well in different environments, and harvesting. Agritech encompasses various technologies, including automation, biotechnology, information monitoring, and data analysis. Agritech can include field sensors, drones, data analytics apps, or water management solutions.

Agritechs are expected to be the Next Big Thing. In "Blade Runner 2049", the Wallace Corporation, led by Niander Wallace, is an AgriTech conglomerate that has helped solve the global food crisis through synthetic farming. While food production isn't the film's primary focus, the Wallace Corporation's influence and funding underpin many of the movie's events, and its control over both food and Replicant production makes it a dominant power in the world of 2049.