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Person ECC2CB

  • Interviewed on 2022-12-08
  • Currently works at a non-profit organization based in Africa (Uganda)

Interest in Global Health. Uganda does not have an ambulance service. What if we can connect the local taxi (motorcycle) drivers (known as Boda boda) to provide emergency transport?

Problems of NGOs. The current e-transport initiatives, operated by the NGOs, are very stalemate. They pour money into ineffective operations and services. While they can gather immediate public attention and spotlights, they are harming the community in the long term.

Problems of the local community. They heavily rely on folk remedies and unverified medical knowledge. Their maps could be better organized, making GPS services almost impossible. Their medical system needs to be digitized, making patients go through all of the hospitals in the city to see if there is capacity.

Fat NGOs. ECC2CB feels like NGOs are not worth the money. Billions of dollars are being poured into Global Health organizations, while myriads of middle layers are unoptimized, stealing money one layer by one. Even providing an ambulance service has too many stakeholders that providing a reliable transportation service is almost impossible. ECC2CB doesn't even support enlarging budgets for Global Health; the only thing NGOs needs is to get leaner and more efficient. ECC2CB thinks if NGOs can cut their fat, billions more can live.

Lack of Data. While working with solid data to extract information is meaningful, ECC2CB especially finds meaning when the medical situation in Africa is deplorable that ECC2CB has to "harvest" data on the fly. It is never done before: under-researched, under-developed.

💙I love my job because...

bridging big non-profit organizations (like the Red Cross) to gather and support the initiatives gives me a vision. I can work with the mentors I follow, helping to save lives.