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Interesting Websites

  • Concise Full Stack Courses for Busy Web Developers - Build the portfolio you need to be a badass web developer.
  • I am not a taxonomist. Categorizing content is not my thing. Blogging platforms, by default, expect you to apply some taxonomy to the bit of content you are writing. Is it a page, blog, node, custom node, or custom post type? It overlooks the option to tag it, and if you don't, that's fine. It asks you to assign it to a category; if you don't, that is not fine. It lands in Uncategorized, displaying that you don't care deeply enough about your content. Absolute blue shirt 👕. - Foam as My Content Engine
  • I need something straightforward to publish. I wouldn't say I like friction. I strongly dislike slow DB queries and slow web-based admin interfaces. I need to be able to drop my content into something like Pandoc, Marked, or Rehype and see a collection of interconnected thoughts. I should publish it with most static site generators without feeling lock-in. - Foam as My Content Engine
  • Convert ACSM files to PDF/EPUBs with one command on Linux (and macOS very soon). This software does not utilize Adobe Digital Editions nor Wine. It is completely free and open-source software written natively for Linux. - [BentonEdmondson/knock: Convert ACSM files to PDFs/EPUBs with one command on Linux](

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