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Today's Pragmatic Engineer

Twitter implemented a much more strict agile model with Sprint work models. Engineers and managers do not welcome this change.

Coinbase laid off ~18% of its workforce. Slightly earlier, employees started petitioning to remove the leadership positions. In general, the crypto market stagnated, facing a potential winter. This roots in a watershed moment from the colossal downfall of Terra.

Layoffs in big techs accelerated. Luckily these layoffs remain predictable: most are cash-burning companies that rely on VC money to sustain the business. Meanwhile, companies started posting profitability reports with job postings.

Today's Hacker News

Apple's Feedback Mechanism is Broken — Liss is More

  • The author experienced a half-year-long silence before knowing he needed one line of code change to fix the bug.

I also submitted 18 feedbacks since 2017-ish and only heard back once. However, Apple Feedback Assistant is not a developer Q&A platform. The author has a point that the feedback assistant is broken, but also the author wrongfully accuses a product.

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