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Brane Notes

This week's goal


Note that:

  • This may require a server to swap out DOM actions.
    • For example, perform console.log when a button is clicked.
    • Instead of appending the code, change the behavior of the DOM.
  • ShadowDOM is already available on WorkerDOM.
  • Forced Shutdown and Preloading are all multitasking features.
  • Investigate how WorkerDOM terminates an application. This is a Web Spec.
  • Especially, try implementing synchronous Layout properties—for example, Framer Motion.
    • To push the limits, we can try Kakao Map SDK (or any Map SDK like Open Layer)
    • This will essentially verify three facts:
      1. Can we synchronously pass Layout properties?
      2. Can we properly extract and process external scripts?
      3. Can we shim geolocation APIs?

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