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Building a Second Brain

  • In the middle of reading this book, I realized that the term Digital Brain, Second Brain, Digital Garden, and PKM are used interchangeably, they are not quite the same.
  • I have organized them in the following manner.
Second BrainImplementation for augmenting your thoughts.
Digital GardenImplementation for documenting your knowledge.
PKMArchitecture for Digital Garden.
PARAArchitecture for Second Brain.
Second BrainDigital Garden
Notes are in Britannica StyleNotes are in Wikipedia Style
Allows folderingProhibits foldering
Allows archivingProhibits archiving
Focuses on managing different projects that grow into a creative garageFocuses on creating and tending Evergreen notes posts that grow into a knowledge base

I like the CODE Procedure in PARA architecture as a project management system, which does more than PKM. To be exact, PKM only takes care of the Resource section in PARA.

Interesting Webs

How we think about browsers

  • GitHub plans to switch to ES2020 with optional chaining and nullish coalescing.
  • This will reduce 10kb in JavaScript.
  • Most GitHub users use fairly up-to-date browsers.

Personal Notes