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Work Notes​

  • Platform should give users nothing other than trust. Everything starts with confidence that this app is secure, faith that this app will function, and assurance that this app is what you are looking for.
  • 인λ ₯이 δΊΊεŠ›μ΄ μ•„λ‹ˆλΌ Infra εŠ›μΌ μˆ˜λ„ μžˆκ² λ‹€. 인프라λ ₯. 인프라λ₯Ό μ–Όλ§ˆλ‚˜ 빨리, 크고, μ•ˆμ •μ„± 있게 ν™•μž₯ν•  수 μžˆλŠλƒμ— λŒ€ν•œ 인λ ₯ μ§€ν‘œ. 예: 우리 νŒ€μ€ In εŠ›μ΄ λΆ€μ‘±ν•΄μ„œ κ·Έ κΈ°λŠ₯은 μ œμ™Έν•΄μ•Όκ² λ‹€.

Interesting Web​


Coding Tests​

Personal Notes​

  • λ‚΄ 생각에 λ…μ„œλŠ” λ°°μ‹ ν•˜μ§€ μ•ŠλŠ” κ±° κ°™λ‹€.
  • Notion opened a new paradigm for low-code websites. Project PEOPLE now create personal websites, event RSVPs, blogs, databases, and much more, which would've been impossible otherwise. It infused so much offline content with an online presence.
  • Better Obsidian

The problem​

  • is unstable.
  • Vercel hid the compilation process with its proprietary vercel dev command.
  • This made maintenance a pain.
  • From now on, I will no longer make any improvements in, and invest those time in Open Graph Image as a Service.