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Today's Pragmatic Engineer

Cost Centers. Not the direct source of revenue but a necessary component. Found in banks, clothing companies, etc. Techs are referred to as IT, and no PMs exist. Usually, business analysts do the job. Engineers are referred to as programmers or developers. Engineers report to non-technical managers. Business decisions do not have tech involvement. The organization hires separate on-call DevOps engineers. Developers usually don't get equity. Innovation is not expected from tech, but if it is, it is usually cost-cutting technologies.

Profit Centers. Direct source of revenue. Found in digital-first companies, Big Techs, or when CEO has a tech background. R&D has a separate budget. Engineers report CEO or CTO directly. Some non-tech groups feel that tech gets special treatment.

Gray areas and More. There are also gray areas like strategic investments, net-loss research teams, platform teams, R&D labs, site reliability engineering, open-source teams, security teams, and more. One wrong info that I found: Uber didn't make Kubernetes. Google did.


The Overpriced Initiative?