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Anonymous Review Site Glassdoor Not Anonymous?

Now, Glassdoor is legally required to release the contact details of the posters directly to Zuru via Zuru's attorneys.


In 2020, the Red Unlock technique exposed Intel Atom Microcode architecture. This repo decrypts the internal microcode structure and x86 instruction implementations.

TikTok is an unacceptable security risk and should be removed from app stores, says FCC

  • Is TikTok a sophisticated surveillance tool?

Blue Zones

Reaching age 100 needs winning the genetic lottery, but getting into the early 90s only requires some life practices.

  1. Move without thinking about it. Like tending a garden.
  2. Make sense of your life purpose. Why do you wake up every day?
  3. Regularly shed stress. Meditations, naps, happy hours.
  4. Stop eating when you are 80% full
  5. Plant-oriented diet. Blue zone eats meat five times per month.
  6. Moderate alcohol like wine.
  7. Belong to some community.
  8. Loved Ones First.
  9. Form your small—but lifetime—social circle.

How Did REST Come To Mean The Opposite of REST?

  • The HTML response is entirely self-describing.
  • The client must know what each field indicates to parse a JSON response. Therefore, the message is not self-describing
  • JSON response fails the uniform interface constraint of REST and, thus, is not RESTful.

But I still prefer JSON APIs, aye?

carbon-language/carbon-lang: Carbon language specification and documentation.

A successor language for C++ requires:

  • Performance matching C++
  • Bidirectional Interoperability with C++
  • Gentle learning curve for C++ Developers
  • Comparable Expressivity and Support for Existing Design.
  • Scalable migration for idiomatic C++ code.

With this approach, we can build on C++'s existing ecosystem and bring along existing investments, codebases, and developer populations. Examples:

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