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Work Research

See 2022-07-19.

  • (Unconfirmed)
  • Inside Worker Thread MutationTransfer.ts, create a transferSync layer.
  • Add a key TransferrableKeys.sync.
  • Whenever we need a synchronous operation,
    • Allocate a SharedArrayBuffer inside transferSync.
    • Run Atomic.wait() at the main thread.
    • Run the calculation at the corresponding processor on the main thread.
    • Pass the data into the received SharedArrayBuffer.
    • Unfreeze the worker thread with Atomic.notify().


Wait... TransferrableKeys.sync already exists. Why?

Pasted image 20220721160016.png

Google, really? Come on.

FYI, it's been aa couple of years.

Pasted image 20220721160612.png

Personal Research

Isaac Newton, while studying, first wrote down the title he was interested in, then filled up the note by reading and experimenting. He was a self-taught Note-aholic, and his discovery of gravity originated from such immense curiosity. Would there be any historical figure who succeeded from pure intellect without the help of note-taking or some second brain?