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Facebook's TikTok-like redesign marks the sunset of the social networking era

  • Facebook used a social network model and rapidly grew on the back of smartphone development
  • Facebook is now reorganizing itself around algorithmic content, not social networks
  • This is very similar to TikTok. Big social media are usually reorganizing in this way
  • After the 2008 recession, Internet culture and economy were formed around Facebook and Twitter
  • Facebook acquires or overtakes MySpace, Instagram, and Snapchat, driving relationships into human business models
  • But revenue increases with problems: computation of human relationships, increase of online noise, etc

A little trick to spam the spammers

  • Submit the spammer's email
  • Make sure the spammers get at least one of their messages
  • I now keep a list of emails from these spam sites and subscribe them all to the various newsletters.
  • lol

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