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Work Research

React Flip Toolkit List Shuffle를 띄우는 중이다. 다음 커밋에서 React App을 렌더링하는 것까지는 성공했다.

다만 Shuffle 버튼을 눌러도 Elements들이 움직이지는 않는다. demo 폴더의 해당 React 앱에 들어가서 npm run build 해주고 build/index.html에서 첨부되는 React script를 삭제해야한다.


Personal Research

Explored SwiftUI.

  1. I Love the declarative interface.
  2. It feels like using React (or even better.)
  3. Xcode is still heavy.
  4. Happy to quit fiddling with Storyboard. Every change happens in code but in a declarative way. Huge fan.
  5. Creating a component-based view is easier than ever.

I will continue to explore.


Optimistic Nihilism

Optimistic nihilism views the belief that there is no underlying meaning to life from a perspective of hope. It's not that we're doomed to live in a meaningless universe-it's that we get the chance to experience ourselves and the universe we share.


CELLO (Product)

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