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Discovered something. I can use \r to update the printed data. I was just using it; now I know why. I finally understood the difference between \r and \n.

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Dynamic Island Concepts for Desktops

Square announced Tap to Pay with iPhones

Vercel Next.js Conf Interactions

These experiences from @Next.js are getting more and more striking 🖤

— usrnk1 (@usrnk1) September 28, 2022

Chrome renderBlockingStatus

This is golden!

Chrome 107 (currently in beta) comes with a new renderBlockingStatus field on ResourceTiming entries. 👏

Wanna find and monitor all the render blocking resources in a page? Here you go!

— Stefan Judis (@stefanjudis) September 29, 2022

TypeScript Dynamic Types with String Interpolations

I was today years old when I learned that TypeScript supports format strings as types!

— Luciano Mammino 📕 Node.js Design Patterns (@loige) September 27, 2022

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