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Backlinking for Aldehydeโ€‹

My version

My version

Andy Matuschak's version

Andy Matuschak's version

Links to This Note feature is complete. Heavily inspired by Andy Matuschak.

I built Backlinking for Docusaurus! ยท Discussion #8217 ยท facebook/docusaurusโ€‹

Thanks! I want Docusaurus to have this feature built-in ๐Ÿ˜ƒ To explain how it works, a python preprocessor will parse the document before building the site. This is necessary because I use wikilink for interlinking, which Docusaurus does not support. I have another python script that converts wikilinks to docusaurus-recognizable markdown links. After that, the corresponding component will read the indexed backlink JSON to display it on the client side.

Letter to Mr. Alexander Obenauer on 2022-10-12โ€‹

Better Obsidianโ€‹

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