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How to hire engineering talent without the BS ยท Jesal Gadhiaโ€‹

The author highlights the anti-patterns of technical interviewing, including evaluating memory and speed, and suggests some best practices for an effective technical interview. The article recommends being upfront about the interview process, focusing on practical skills and concepts, using structured interviews, guiding the candidate through the interview, and being empathetic towards the candidate.

Life is a game. This is your strategy guideโ€‹

  • The first 15 years or so of life are just tutorial missions, which suck. There's no way to skip these
  • You'll find most things โ€“ like the best jobs, possessions and partners โ€“ are locked until you get some
  • This is the time to level up your skills quickly. You will never have so much time and energy again
  • your top priority is to assign your time as well as possible
    • Keep your state high
    • Don't demand too much willpower from one day
    • Attempt the most important tasks first
    • Reduce the need to use willpower by reducing choices
  • Attraction is a complex mini-game in itself, but mostly a byproduct of how you're already playing. If you have excellent state and high skills, you're far more attractive already
    • Not fussed about money. The low-stress strategy: live within your means and save a little for a rainy day. Be sure to make the best of all the time you save, or you'll regret it.
    • Well off. Choose a career and environment carefully, and be prepared to move often to move up. You'll need to invest heavily in matching skills, which will cost you time, and be careful not to
    • Mega rich. Start your own business The Engine Equation. It's almost impossible to get rich working for someone else. Riches do not come from work alone; they come from owning things โ€“ assets โ€“ that pay back more than they cost, and your own company is a powerful asset you can create from scratch. Compound your winnings into more help, and eventually, they can remove your need to work at all

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