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Person 2476E6

  • Interviewed on 2024-03-04
  • Currently works at a GPT Project
  • Sunghyun Cho is a senior software engineer with a background in AI, frequently uses GPT for both automation and personal purposes.
  • Experiences diminishing quality in GPT responses, prefers older GPT-4 versions via MindMac for better results.
  • Developing Heimdall, a Hackernews summarizer tool using GPT.
  • Plans to join a medical AI company.
  • Faces challenges identifying problematic prompts when using GPT.
  • Seeks a tool for iteratively developing and testing prompts in one platform.
  • Envisions Helicone as a solution for independent developers to address the complex entry into "LLM-Ops".
  • Desires a more accessible, cleaner, and modern alternative to Langchain for LLM operations, emphasizing easy streaming capabilities.
  • Prefers a library for LLM Ops not owned by Vercel, featuring streaming, JSON modes, and regex mode.
  • Criticizes RAG (Retrieval-Augmented Generation) for its simplicity and limited effectiveness.
  • Current GPT iterations lack depth in conversations, with perplexity being the only notable metric for learning new concepts.
  • Notes language models' limitations with non-Roman characters, such as Korean.

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