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지름길과 돌파구 (15誠鉉)

My ancient idea roots all the way to 2015s, indicating two tactical ways of approaching an exit strategy of a stalemate.

  • Shortcut is the classical known way of doing things, slightly optimized and pipelined to save some energy and time.
  • Breakthrough, on the other hand, is almost 'hacking' the environment to solve the problem in an unprecedented way.

Let's say you're late for an interview. A shortcut can be calling upfront and telling the truth, and begging for a second chance. Maybe you can add more context and make it sound better and more compelling, thus being a "shortcut." Another way is to find an ingenious loophole in the situation and cleverly run away from the situation. For example, what would happen if you triggered the fire alarm?


This is an exaggeration! Real-world breakthroughs are much more nuanced and subtle.