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Pushing the Urgency

One problem he's seen with young CEOs: "They just think, 'I hire a bunch of people, and then I sit back and wait for greatness.' They have no idea that they have to relentlessly drive every second of the day, every interaction, and seek the confrontation," Slootman told the No Priors podcast in an episode posted Thursday.

Look no further than a DMV office to see a lack of urgency among workers, he suggested. "This is what naturally happens to human beings," he said. "It's innate. We slow down to a glacial pace unless there are people who are going to drive tempo and pace and intensity and urgency. That's what leaders need to do."

CEOs must constantly "push the urgency," he said, even though "it's really hard to have the mental energy to bring that to every single instance of today."

Z Fellows