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Real Interviews

For 2023

  • Palantir

    • 3 basic questions (analyzing algorithms and complexities)
    • 3 Leetcode Easy to Medium Problem
      • Involved constructing trees and traversing them
      • Each question is built on top of previous queries, getting gradually harder.
      • However, the most challenging question was still Leetcode Medium level.
  • Duolingo with Karat

    • 3 basic questions (analyzing algorithms and complexities)
    • 1 Leetcode Hard level question
      • Involved Game State Change, Constructing Adjacency List of Game States, and Pathfinding
      • Given a Game Board, find a list of moves from the start state to the end state
  • Databricks

    • 2 1-hour interview
      • 1 conceptual, technical design (data pipelines & tradeoffs)
      • 1 conditional BFS problem