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Fiercely Overpriced

An idea suggested on 2022-07-14 that all inventions should be fiercely overpriced.

To attain FIRE, we have previously explored that Software as a Service would be one way to go. However, good engineering and good product differ significantly. One major roadblock would be the lack of expertise in payment infra. What if we start from a simple yet overpriced Software as a Service product to test how to get monetized? The purpose is not to generate revenue by itself but to examine and get enough data out on how the real-world Software as a Service FIRE will work out.

Examples. A book recommendation web app, but you need to pay to use it. Book Metadata as a Service could also be one example.

Tools to investigate



Ads? Purchases?

MAKE (Book) suggests asking for money directly from the customers.

How I Built a Website to Earn Passive Income With Google AdSense

Avi Wilensky, a web developer from New York City, narrates his experience creating and monetizing the Up Hail web application, a comparison site for ride-sharing services and taxis. Initially, Wilensky built the website as a weekend side project to fulfill a niche need he identified. When featured in Mashable's list of best web tools, the application garnered attention, encouraging Wilensky to enhance the site further. He monetized the platform with increased traffic using Google AdSense, leading to significant passive income.

  1. Automate your infrastructure
  2. Monetize your site with ad networks: Utilize ad networks like Google's AdSense
  3. Keep user acquisition costs low: Organic channels, emphasizing Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  4. Keep infrastructure costs low: Utility of public cloud providers like AWS or Microsoft Azure to minimize recurring expenses.