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Attempted Super App DX.

Jasonette was an open-source framework that allowed developers to create native iOS and Android apps using nothing but a JSON markup. The idea was that you could define the entire app's structure, layout, and behavior in a single JSON file hosted on a server.

  • Developers would create a JSON file describing the app's user interface, actions, and data sources.
  • This JSON file would be hosted on a server or cloud storage.
  • The Jasonette native app, installed on a user's device, would download this JSON file.
  • The Jasonette app would then parse the JSON and render a native iOS or Android app based on the JSON markup.
  • Jasonette aimed to simplify cross-platform app development by leveraging the power of JSON and the web. It provided a way to build and update apps without going through the traditional app store release process.

However, it's important to note that the Jasonette project is no longer actively maintained. The last commit to the GitHub repository was made in 2017, and the project's website is no longer accessible. While it was an interesting concept, it seems that the project did not gain significant traction and has since become defunct.

Claude is a genius

Claude is a genius

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