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Project Alter


Implementation Suggestion from Mr. Matt Rickardโ€‹

  • CLIP inference serverย + Library that wraps an image componentย (raw img or next/image)
function AltTextImage() {
...hash image on the client
...check if a hash exists on AltTextDB
...if it does, set alt text
...if it doesn't, upload the imageย and the alt text will be returned (hashย + maybe image is stored in DB)

Transparency Logsโ€‹

  • Possible incorporation of a transparency log like Let's Encrypt.
  • Maybe a log of image hash โ†’ alt that anyone can contribute?
  • Maybe Common Crawl is a better model?

Perceptual Hashingโ€‹

  • Perceptual Hashing: Intentionally maximizes the change of hash collision, to detect similar images. Used by Google's Search by Image feature or Apple's CSAM.