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Neo ArXiv

Someday Project.

The new ArXiv.

ArXiv is excellent, but it by no means matches the full-on productivity of modern DevOps. We need a more streamlined, so-called ResearchOps—a Super App platform for all research.

TeX sucks (or at least we need better interoperability with HyperText Media), and PDF sucks. Citing by their name sucks. It's like managing PRs by email. Remember Linus used to do that?

The current day ArXiv is like

  • SourceForge, not GitHub
  • Kaggle, not HuggingFace

And people only know what they want after seeing the future.

  • What if we add interactive widgets in the middle of the papers?
  • What if we add 3D models right in the papers?
  • Citations are automatically generated, similar to how package.json works in the npm install
  • What if we can auto-translate to all locales? ACL 60-60
  • and so on...



Why do they have so many typos?