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Social Coding

Social Codingโ€‹

  • Do the social features matter?
  • The social graph
  • The feed
  • Stars (likes)
  • GitHub star growth is primarily linear, even for the fastest-growing repositories. So virality happens, but always off-platform (a viral blog post, etc
  • GitHub is removing the trending tab at the end of this month due to low usage
  • Anecdotally, developers choose libraries in part based on social proof from other developers
  • Chat, a key component of social, is important for open-source projects. Most of the activity happens off GitHub (in Slack or Discord
  • GitHub profiles are sometimes used for recruiting and resumes. However, professional networks are rarely reflected on the GitHub follower model compared to LinkedIn (or Twitter
  • Software as a Service businesses with network effects are rare, but when they work, they grow huge (e.g., Figma, Slack)

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