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  • An experimental tools for thought for capturing the context of information.
  • Targeted as the intermediary bridge between web browser data stream (ephemeral) and long-term PKM data storage.

Pensieve Guidebook

  • We always start searching with a question 🤔, even though we don't realize it sometime. In some cases, we find answers right away and stop searching. But when the topic is complex, or if you go down the rabbit hole of the internet, you end up asking multiple questions and getting various answers, all entangled with each other. You must return to every tab you open to retrieve what you learned.
  • Instead of organizing tabs, Pensieve contains knowledge in the unit of questions. Think of Pensieve as a bookmark that automatically collects your expertise in a hierarchy powered by an AI copilot. Whenever you are starting a search journey that entails multiple tabs - from market research to finding a solution to a bug, Pensieve will help you learn more and organize faster.