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Super App

A super-app (also written as a super app or super app) is a mobile or web application that can provide multiple services, including payment and financial transaction processing, effectively becoming all-encompassing self-contained commerce and online communication platform that embraces many aspects of personal and commercial life. Super-apps include Tencent's WeChat in China and Grab in Southeast Asia. Super-app


Microsoft considering 'super app' to fight Apple & Google mobile dominance

  • Microsoft may build an all-in-one "super app" to combine various services and fight the mobile search partnership between Apple and Google
  • According to a report on Tuesday, the company has considered building an app that combines shopping, messaging, web search, news, and other services
  • Whether Microsoft will ever launch such an app is still being determined. Still, sources say CEO Satya Nadella is laying the groundwork by pushing Bing to work better with Microsoft's other mobile products